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Sulphuric Acid on the WebTM Technical Manual DKL Engineering, Inc.

Knowledge for the Sulphuric Acid Industry

Handbook of Sulphuric Acid Manufacturing
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Sulphuric Acid Decolourization
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Process Engineering Data Sheets - PEDS
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Bibliography of Sulphuric Acid Technology
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Sulphuric Acid Plant Specifications

Sulphuric Acid Plant Equipment Specifications

Standard specifications for sulphuric acid plant equipment.  All files in Microsoft Word format.

Spec Title Revision No. of Pages Price
SAP-001 Vertical Submerged Strong Acid Pumps 00 7 $60.00
SAP-002 Horizontal Centrifugal Strong Acid Pumps 00 8 $72.00
SAP-010 Plate Heat Exchangers 00 6 $48.00
SAP-012 Sulphuric Acid Catalyst 00 4 $30.00
SAP-013 Quartz Pebbles 00 4 $30.00
SAP-014 Brick Lined Carbon Steel Vessels 00 11 $89.00
SAP-015 Acid Resistant Linings 00 8 $72.00
SAP-016 Tower Packing Supports 00 7 $60.00
SAP-017 Ceramic Packing 00 6 $48.00
SAP-024 Lead Lining 00 4 $30.00
SAP-030 Carbon Steel Storage Tanks 00 13 $95.00
SAP-033 Safety Showers and Eye/Face Washes 00 7 $60.00

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.  Applicable taxes are extra.

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