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Contact Section - Catalysts - Nanjing Yungao
January 29, 2018

Catalyst Types

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Nanjing Yungao New-Type-Material Co., Ltd. belongs to Nanjing Yun Tai Shan Group that has operated a 200 kt/a sulphuric acid  plant since the 1990's.  With technology innovation and nearly 30 years of sulphuric acid manufacture experience, Yungao is devoted to provide excellent catalysts and solutions to help sulphuric acid plants to reduce the emission and improve their production capacity.  The catalysts for SO2 oxidation produced by Yungao have been used in over 200 plants, including a 800 kt/a metallurgical sulphuric acid at a copper smelter in China. Nanjing Yungao

Catalyst Types

  S101 S108 S112 SG101
Characteristic Moderate Temperature Low Temperature Caesium Improved Vanadium
Application All Beds Bed 1 ignition Layer
Bed 3
Bed 4 after Inter Absorber
Bed 1 ignition Layer
Bed 4 after Inter Absorber


New technology flourishing, sulfuric acid industry has emboldened emission reduction

        In the sulfuric acid industry in 2014 annual meeting, sulfuric acid catalyst, tail gas treatment, energy saving technology, acid cleaning and sewage treatment and other technical topics are the most popular. Reporter noted that, whether the enthusiasm of enterprises to promote new technologies, new products, or experts calm analysis of industry trends and trends, all involving energy-saving emission reduction and cleaner production.
  China Sulfuric Acid Industry Association vice president Wu Xuemei introduction, technological innovation is the focus of the annual meeting, through the exchange of technical experience, concerned about the results of new technologies to help enterprises pulse technology trends, promote cleaner production and sustainable development.  

Catalyst: to achieve new breakthroughs

  The catalyst is the core of sulfuric acid production, which is directly related to the conversion of sulfur dioxide and exhaust emissions. Kaifeng Mitutoyo Catalyst Co., Ltd. and Henan University, Zhengzhou University, a joint research and development of vanadium catalyst, the innovative use of microwave drying, intermediate frequency calcination process, to achieve continuous drying and calcination production, improved drying efficiency and catalytic activity, So that sulfuric acid production conversion rate increased significantly reduced emissions. This product is used by Guangxi Daxin Guinan Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Lvling Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Heavy Oil Chemical Co., Ltd., Yingkou Shenghai Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shandong Mingrui Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., etc. and received good results.
  "In October 2012, we started to use this vanadium catalyst in the 200,000 t / y sulfur-based sulfuric acid plant, which has been used for 18 months. The effect is very obvious. The sulfur dioxide conversion rate is 99.9%, two to three The average content of sulfur dioxide in the tail gas is only 288 mg / cubic meter, far less than the original 1000 mg / cubic meter. The original catalyst is replaced every year, now see an estimated 2 to 3 years replacement time no problem. "Guangxi Dahui South Chemical Co., Ltd. chief engineer Guo Hongbin pleased to China Chemical Industry News reporter, said the company was forced to exhaust sulfur dioxide content is too high, decided to use the opportunity to replace the catalyst overhaul, bold attempt to use Kaifeng Mitutoyo catalyst.
  In mid-May this year, Kaifeng Mitutoyo catalyst company has independent intellectual property rights of vanadium catalyst manufacturing method in Guangxi Dah Sing by the China Petrochemical Federation of scientific and technological achievements appraisal, reached the international advanced level.

Exhaust gas desulfurization: adapt to new standards


  October 1, 2013, "sulfuric acid industrial pollutant discharge standard" formally implemented, exhaust sulfur dioxide emission concentration limit of 400 mg / cubic meter, sulfuric acid in key control area enterprises to implement 200 mg / cubic meter of special limits. The new standards prompted sulfuric acid enterprises to speed up the technological transformation of tail gas treatment to achieve discharge standards to meet the new situation of energy-saving emission reduction.
  Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. smelting system supporting the construction of seven sets of sulfuric acid plant. Due to smelting furnace and more can not do with the sulfuric acid system, "one to one", resulting in flue gas emissions and concentration fluctuations, resulting in exhaust emissions can not be achieved. The company for this purpose sodium soda acid desulfurization process, through the absorption of caustic soda to achieve desulfurization. Jinchuan company chemical plant technical director Jia Xiaojun introduction, operation practice results show that the absorption of caustic soda with high efficiency, tail gas to adapt to a large range of advantages. Currently Jinchuan company in its 530,000 tons, 300,000 tons, 480,000 tons, 700,000 tons of sulfuric acid production systems for the application of sulfur dioxide in tail gas content maintained at 100 to 200 mg / cubic meter.
  Chengdu of the Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. relying on the National Flue Gas Desulfurization Engineering Technology Research Center of technological superiority, research and development success of new catalytic flue gas desulfurization technology. Different from the traditional absorption method, the technology uses porous material as carrier, catalyst is prepared by loading the active component, adsorption, catalysis and regeneration are carried out in the same device, and the sulfur dioxide in the flue gas is converted into sulfuric acid, thus realizing the comprehensive utilization of resources. At present, the desulfurization technology has been in the Fuling, Yunfu Jintai Chemical, Sichuan Yingfeng sulfuric acid plant chemical applications. In late May, the new catalytic sulfuric acid tail gas treatment and resource utilization of scientific and technological achievements by the China Petrochemical Federation organized the technical appraisal, reached the international advanced level.
  In addition, the Beijing University of Chemical Technology of the Ministry of Education, High Gravity Engineering Research Center of the high-gravity deep desulfurization technology, but also reached the international advanced level of innovation.  

Recycling Economy: Resource Reuse

  The sulfuric acid production is exothermic and produces a large amount of steam. In recent years, sulfuric acid enterprises focus on the construction of circular economy, aimed at re-use of resources, a substantial increase in energy-saving level, the use of low-temperature waste heat recovery of 75% of total capacity, heat utilization rate of 60% to 90%, sulfuric acid recovery steam 1.6 to 1.7 Ton.
  "I plant mineral sulfuric acid recycling economy standardization pilot project, June 8 just passed the National Standardization Commission and the National Development and Reform Commission Organization Examination and acceptance, becoming the first in Zhejiang Province through the standardization of circular economy pilot enterprises." Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd. sulfuric acid Plant executive vice president Chen Li Jin told the China Chemical Industry News reporter. Since May 2011, sulfuric acid plant to circular economy standardization pilot as an opportunity to explore and establish a standardized system of circular economy of mineral sulfuric acid, organize the implementation of circular economy-related standards, build circular economy standardized information platform, and achieved remarkable results. 3 years to establish a standard 579, involved in the development of national standards 2, industry standard 1, the implementation of ultra-gravity exhaust gas desulfurization technology, heat ladder recycling and other large-scale technical transformation 4, annual COD5.12 tons, 345.6 tons of sulfur dioxide, 7.6 tons of wastewater, an increase of 45.04 million yuan of economic benefits.
  Guizhou Wengfu Group Chemical Equipment Company, deputy general manager of the Department of Energy Meitong You introduction, the company 1.2 million tons / year of sulfuric acid produced entirely for personal use, the sewage has reached zero emissions. Of which 200,000 tons / year sulfur acid last year on the new low-temperature waste heat recovery device, and then in the 800,000 tons / year pyrite sulfuric acid plant using self-developed phosphorus slurry washing desulfurization treatment technology, is the construction and installation, 7 Month put into operation exhaust gas sulfur dioxide emissions concentration will reach 80 mg / cubic meter.
  In the sulfuric acid industry, the annual meeting of the Nanjing Hai Lu Energy Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Yu Xiangdong introduced the company's development and commitment to the implementation of China's first set of pyrite sulfuric acid heat recovery device operation. The device in Shandong Mingrui 120,000 tons / year pyrite sulfuric acid production since the operation of low-temperature heat recovery system is stable, direct production of 0.8MPa low-pressure steam 5 to 7 tons / hour, heating desalination water and medium pressure boiler feed water recovery Heat equivalent to 1.2 tons / hour of low-pressure steam, the total heat recovery is equivalent to 6 to 8 tons / hour of low pressure steam, folding acid recycling steam rate of 0.4 to 0.53 tons / ton.